Foster The People - Making Music "For The People" --- Really!


With all the hype surrounding this band, let alone the amount of time it took for Foster The People's "Torches" album to finally be release, I have to admit I was set, ready and prepared for disappointment.  I yeah, wasn't it in early 2010 "Pumped Up Kicks" starting surfacing on Hype Machine etc.? 

Kinda a long wait but anyway, getting back to my point on preparing for many times do you look forward to something you look forward to...promising to be great, either in music, people, film or whatever and then guess what ...  just let's you down.

Maybe I'm a snob or put up too high standards but for me it seems to happen a lot more these days.  But then, maybe I should stop looking forward to Pirates of Carribean movies.  Arrrrr.  Oh well.

But disappointment here!  Indeed I shout "Praise the Lord" for Foster The People. (I did used to be a southern evangelist back before my indie pop days)...Yes, the very goodness of L.A. band Foster The People totally deliver the sweet nectar of indie pop goodness.  

In part or fully helped with producers Paul Epworth (current Adele smashes), Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen) the "Torches" album meets and exceeds expectations. But um, I'm sure band members Mark Foster, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink (hey is this guy from Spinal Tap or what?) had something to do with it as well.   

Little tidbit on how the name Foster the People came about.  Originally the band was called "Foster & The People" (referring to Mark Foster and his crew)...but people kept hearing their name as just "Foster The People" and alas just like Ke$ha on furniture on a hot stuck.

Only gripe here is it would have been great for this album to come out sooner...even an EP.  I mean pumped up kicks is at least 16-18 months old, but nonetheless it's an oldie but a goodie and going to be in our Ipod and playlists for quite some time.

This ones worth getting the album 

Key songs (don't worry I'm not even going to begin to bother to post "Pumped Up Kicks!"  These are the other great ones)

"Helena Beat"


"Call It What You Want"