Four Tet - There Is Love In You ('Four' heading to 'Zero')


Remind me to never buy another Four Tet album again. Listen, I LISTEN to A LOT of music...and have been for many many many years and have been around the world a few times.. That affords me some sense of perspective. Who is doing something special, extraordinary, who's bleeding greatness out of their veins. That is not Four Tet on this album. For excellence in this genre I suggest GAS (from last year), Brian Eno (anything esp. from 70s and 80s), Ben Frost (the new one is amazing and dangerous), Kid 606 or Aphex Twin downtempo or ambient works. One song worth downloading here on Four Tet that tricked me into buying the album. 'She Just Likes To Fight' Oh also...early Hotel Costes compilations you'll be much more happy with too.