Frank Ocean - Holy Shit This is Fantastic


There are moments, in the life of a music lover, that you hear something you KNOW is fucking important. One of the most poignant for me was the first time I heard Led Zeppelin I. Not to compare the two, (come on, give me some credit…) but my first listen to Frank Ocean’s Album 2012 channel ORANGE was another one of those moments for me. You guys, I’m just gonna get it out of the way… this album is effing good. He’s moving R&B (and really just music in general) forward, doing things, experimenting… and it’s working for me. Real well.

No, he doesn’t have the best voice in R&B. (Usher is the winner of that one, FYI.) But everything about channel ORANGE is fearless, from the songwriting and producing, to the emotion in each song. He put all of himself on this record, and thank fucking god. Music needs more artists like Frank.

You’re going to need to set aside the 55 odd minutes to listen to this one from start to finish, and don’t you dare hit shuffle. It’s meant to be digested like a 17 course meal: leisurely, with your full attention, and a glass of good wine.

Thinking Bout You” has been online for about a year, but it’s just gorgeous. A more classic R&B song than the rest of the album, it’s the first track and a good intro to where everything else is going. It lulls you into complacency before the rest of the album whacks you upside the dome.


Super Rich Kids” is his ode to the native children of LA. You know who you are. The beat on this is maybe my favorite on the album, and it has a verse from Frank’s Odd Future bud, Earl Sweatshirt. It’s dope, like Earl generally is.


And two more quickly two finish it up, but I beg of you, just go listen to the whole thing. It’s streaming online. I won’t give you a link, I know you can all use the Google.

Pink Matter” features Andre 3000 with a verse I hated the first time but now I think is sort of genius. Apparently he’s experimenting with a new style.


I don’t want to say “the best” or “my favorite” because they’re all faves, but “Forrest Gump” is the one I’ve been playing on repeat all day. Frank played a tiny bit of it at Coachella, and I knew I was going to love it from that alone. Also love that he ended such an emotionally up and down album with a hopeful tune. (Whyyyy is his LA show sold out? Why did I slack on buying tix? #whitegirlproblemas)


Frank Ocean’s Album 2012 Channel ORANGE certainly fucking lived up to the hype for me, but did it for y’all? I’m dying to know… seriously. 


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