Free Energy - Stuck On Nothin (here comes the cowbell w/James Murphy)


Yeah we are special. Somehow we got a copy. No, 'Free Energy' just isn't some sort of Ayn Rand metaphor from 'Atlas Shrugged'...or is it? OK so math/music equation...what do you get when you add circa 70s Bad Company, 38 Special + DFA. You get = Free Energy. Except it will probably retail for $9.98 instead of free. (Random tangent...back on the band scene every town had a cover band called Free Beer. That's right. They sell out every night with Free Beer on the Holiday Inn Venue sign). OK I'm back from Tangent Land. Spin has already tipped Free Energy for 'One To Watch' in 2010. Agreed. These young guys (surprisingly young) are from Philadelphia...and are gonna give rock and roll (the kind they stopped making 25 years ago) a new run for the money. Give it some listens and a chance. Think you'll love it. 3 great songs especially on the album 'Free Energy,' 'Dream City Bass,' 'Dark Trance'...some filler here in song department which overall maybe could have been a stronger album can't put this up against Boston 'Stage 1' or anything like that (which is basically a greatest hits record).. Warning....get ready to get your cowbell on. Christopher Walken eat your heart out. And get some Free Energy!