Nice Old People With No Teeth


Sup y’all! This Tuesday, 90s alt kids Garbage bestowed kindly upon us their new Album 2012, Not Your Kind of People.

For whatever reason, Garbage is a band I think fondly of as having “teeth.” They (especially lead singer Shirley Manson) have always given off that FIERCE vibe. And I don’t mean fierce in the Tyra Banks sense, I mean FIERCE like a damn lion.

The question is, how long can a band formed in 1994 maintain an edge like that? Regardless of the band members’ inevitable aging, music itself has changed quite a bit since Garbage’s heady days as reigning alternative rock gods. I subscribe to the school of thought that the cutting edge of anything is found with the young. Old people can be cool too, I GUESS, but progress starts with the kiddies. Just take a look at the catalog of any band that has been with us for some time. You can keep making great music your whole career, but pushing the envelope tends to stop around age 30-35. (Depending on the individual’s drug use.) As Shirley Manson was quoted in an interview about this album, Not Your Kind of People, “It’s not our job to reinvent the wheel, that’s the playground of the young.”

But they said, fuck it, and went ahead and made some new tunes for us anyways. And it’s a solid Garbage album! It’s slightly poppier than their self-titled debut and the follow-up, Version 2.0. But as old folks, who also all happen to be producers, what else would you expect? I just wish Shirley hadn’t lost her sneer along the way.

The opening joint (heh) starts off with an epic intro that reminds me of something Justice would get down with.


The title track is another fave! (I definitely over-use that word.) “Not Your Kind of People” is exactly how Garbage feels about the people surrounding them on the charts. They know they’re not part of the in crowd anymore. And as one-time alt babies, that’s right where they wanna be!


Well citizens, it might not be 1994 any longer, but if you still wish it was, (full disclosure: I’m wearing flannel as I type this) pick up Garbage’s Album 2012, "Not Your Kind of People.”

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