Givers - 2012 Grammy for Best New Artist


You know what's missing from music today?  It's so obvious yet so unobvious.  Music today is missing (yes drum roll please...) M U S I C.

And who's going to give it to us?  That's right, Givers!  And who are these 'giving' people?  Well they're an indie pop group from Lafayette, Louisiana made up of vocalist and percussionist Tiffany Lamson, vocalist andguitarist Taylor Guarisco, drummer and vocalist Kirby Campbell, and bassist and guitarist Josh LeBlanc.  

And do they give?  Definitely.  A lot.  Just imagine a more powerhouse Vampire Weekend mashed up with an uber cool Paul Simon meets 2012 sensibility transported from 1967 to the future..along with (how can we forget) a much more sexier lead vocalist (compliments of Tiffany Lamson) than Art Garfunkel.  

But don't let that Paul Simon thing throw you...this is definitely an indie rock band with mainstream elements that (please God let it happen) radio could embrace.  LIke this is a band that is approaching that level of quality that once came out of the 60s and 70s.

We're talking big time, especially in the songwriting and performance department (yes they totally destroyed at SXSW 2011).

The real take away for me here is the pure musicality, songwriting and performance.  This is the bar that music should be and what the music industry sas a whole hould be embracing.

Somehow we got our hands on an advance copy of this album and we are making a big statement here:

Givers will be the 2012 Grammy Best New Artist.  

And not only do Givers 'give.'  But their record label does as well.  Glassnote Records, home to Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, Royal Bangs and Two Door Cinema have done it again.  Daniel Glass is the new saviour and mega tastemaker of the music business for the decade (so far). 

Get this album out later this year in June.  You'll be happy...not just with the music but the fact that real music, songs and true artists are still out there.

Key songs: (keep in mind these are the demos and not the finished album which sound 5x even better) 

'Up, Up Up' (this will be the big hit)

Givers - Up Up Up by Magnetic Beats


'Ceiling Of Plankton'

Ceiling Of Plankton by GIVERS


'Saw You First'

Saw You First by GIVERS