Sting is Putting out a Contract on this Guy.


Reviews on Music: What do we think of Gotye's "Making Mirrors?"

Somewhere in a dark and beer soaked floor pub in London...In a quiet small corner...Plans are being made.  Just like George Lucas shit his pants in 2009 when he saw James Cameron's "Avatar," Sting is taking some meetings, contemplating what to do and perhaps "getting prices" for the the contract to put out on Goyte.  That's right, I'm sure Sting would prefer for Goyte not to be on this earth.  

Why you ask?  Because his music and international debut album is a hint that something exceptional is coming to us.  Not just good but...great.  And highly musical....something often missing from modern music.  C'mon...we have lots of dudes that can shoegaze over 3 chords...(Oh, I'm sorry...did I insult you?  I meant 4 chords)...but do we truly have few artists in modern music that can create complex yet simple orchestrations, arrangements and textures while showcasing great songs?  Well...sure, we have Radiohead, Sigur Ros, maybe Mark Ronson...but who else? 

Are you getting the sense that we REALLY like Goyte? Yes, yes and yes (especially if we time jump to what might be forthcoming on his subsequent albums). 

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 I'm not saying Gotye's "Making Mirrors" is a classic album.  It's far from... and actually maybe just a good plus LP.

However, it's a great debut to a larger international audience, as this is actually Gotye's 3rd independently released album.  And the Sting song reference is not out of place at some places there are even nods to early Steve Winwood meets 2011.

And while Gotye is solidifying his label choice for the United States (Yes, he is unsigned in many countries), we're so pleased to be one of the first to tell you to buy this album.  And "Yes" we have the album...and "No" we won't be posting it for download!  How would you like it if someone stole your babies (even the ugly ones) before they reached adulthood. 

Although there are many key songs here on "Making Mirrors," I'd suggest starting with "Someone That I Used To Know" and it's accompanying music video that showcases Goyte's artistic side as well as an absurdly large and somewhat creepy mouth.  You'll see why this album made it to #1 in Australia as well as receiving 7 ARIA awards (our version of the Grammy's). 

Lastly, one odd point of trivia.  Gotye is a serious puppet master.  Yes, I just said that.  Especially in hand knitted puppets...No this is not a Trey Parker and Matt Stone "Team America: World Police" joke!  Gotye is a serious puppeteer....In fact, Gotye was nominated for a Silver Glove Award at the Blue Mountains “One Van” International Festival of Puppetry in 2009.  WTF!

Puppets or Not....

We just hope that when Sting puts out on his contract hit on Gotye *...that those thugs and assassins simply deny the request based on the great music (and puppetry) they know is forthcoming for the next 20 years from Gotye.

You can buy the album as an import here if you have a spare $30. 

Buy Now On iTunes: <a href="" target="itunes_store">Making Mirrors - Gotye</a>

Key songs: 

"Someone That I Used To Know" 


"I Feel Better"


"Smoke And Mirrors" 


* Disclaimer: Unless you thought we were serious, there's no fucking way Sting is putting out a "hit" on Gotye and is purely farcical.  We know this because his contracts on Mika never worked out.