Grimes is my Indie Pixie Love Affair


Somewhere in a lush enchanted forest in Canada (**or a city park in Montreal) might stumble upon the "pixie-ish" very yummy singer/songwriter known as Grimes also known as Claire Boucher (as her human name)  Now, I don't know if Grimes lives in a forest (yo, she is from Canada, so chances are...)...but listening to her music I can't get the feeling of some mystical and magical setting where this gifted artist is making her home spun beats and infections melodies.

I first saw Grimes perform at the 2011 SXSW Music Festival at the Mohawk and was totally enchanted by her indie jams and unique voice.  What does Grimes sound like?  Imagine a raw purity vocal (which can also be a little innocently annoying at times ala Joanne Newsom) meets an indie Enya.  (that's right frankenstein, I said Enya).  Now, her voice is definitely unique.  I love it, though others have commented that "she sings like deaf people talk." 

While Grimes' last releases "Halafaxa" and "Darkbloom" showed the promise of what was to come...her new release "Visions" totally delivers, especially in the songwriting department (with songs bordering on being "hook parties")...and trust me it's infectious.   

Grimes is the indie hook maker we've been waiting for.  Fantastic tracks like "Circumambient," "Oblivion" and "Eight" are definite highlights of the record. But there are plenty more juicy pieces like "Vowels = Space and Time" and "Skin."  At the respect of having an advance of the album...I'm not leaking any of it but I did (note to indie band and artist can trust us)...but I did find some great vids here for ya.

Grimes "Oblivion" 


Grimes "Circumambient"


Grimes "Genesis" (Live) from new album

Now, if you haven't seen Grimes're missing something.  She performs all of her songs, including handling the midi, programming and vocal effects all at the same time...often while balancing the microphone between her chin and shoulder when she's not actually singing...which kinda makes her look like a quadriplegic...but all good.

In short, Grimes is like nothing you will hear this year.  She's an original, challenging, sexy, pixie indie singer/songwriter that will surely turn every man's (and girl's) heart and ears.  

"Visions" is due out February 21st on 4AD.