Grouper "A I A " Alien Observer"


Grouper's current album is called "A I A : Alien Observer."  And once you hear the lush-lucid-dreamy-sonic'll understand the album title.  This is the perfect soundtrack for any urban 3 a.m. "dangerous semi conscious quiet nights" (if that makes sense) or staring up at the stars wondering if the music you're listening to mght invite any "grey's" to come and pick you up.   Well, actually...don't be offended if the space aliens come and they "take a pass" on you.  Because they might have come just for the Grouper album.  

Speaking of Aliens...if you thought you've seen aliens at Coachella ... you probably did...Read our article on Space Aliens at Coachella all makes perfect sense. 

Now back to Grouper.  Now back to me.  Now back to Grouper.  I'm on a horse.

Grouper is is the solo project for electro-acoustic anbient/noise musician Liz Harris, from Portland.  There are only 6 songs here but the whole project encompasses almost 40 minutes of aural musical soundscapes partnered with ambient vibes and indie-ish vocals and mucho tape delay that is perfect for 3 A.M. cityscape sounds.  

We love it.  Check out a set here on our Reviews On Music.  

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