Hercules & Love Affair - Sidetracked or **How Not to Make A Compilation**


I have to give this one a negative review...not just negative but a negative rating number... - 1.0 Well you might say, Glitch, how can something be so bad that it gets a negative? OK well..Not only was this just a bad compilation with barely one good song...but in my opinion...this comp delivered a negative brand impact to a band i was really loving...Hercules & Love Affair. That's why I bought the Compilation...because of the good will the band and Antony Hegarty (from Antony & The Johnsons) have built. So they would have actually been wayyy better off not making a compilation at all...because now I'm probably not going to buy their next album. But I'll tell you **probably** why this is a bad compilation. Good songs cost $cash$!! You just can't just release a compilation of the most amazing songs without paying a small fortune. You see...not just anyone can release anything and put it out legally. To get the best songs ... you have to pay upfront advances, some of the songs might not even be licensable that you want, and then you have to deal with individually licensing...24 some tracks. It's a lot of work! Sometimes you save time and license 12 tracks out of that 24 with the same label...even though you are forced to take some 'B' sides that you didn't want. A compilation like a NOW could cost $250,000 + of licensing. But we didn't even get 'B' sides here we got 'D's' Normally I don't mind 'D's if they are batteries or cup size but not on my IPod. Thus...the power of the compilation and the 'Hercules' good will is sacrificed here. But ... I give this a comp a '10' in inspiration. It just gave me an idea of what I'm going to do with BitCandy...coming soon...the BEST compilation of new music anyone has heard. Just u see 