Review: Here We Go Magic - A Different Ship


Here We Go Magic’s third full-length album, A Different Ship, is the candidate for today’s Reviews On Music!

Now, generally I like my tunes like I like my clothes: loud, fun and in your face. But something about the laidback vibe of Here We Go Magic’s trippy layered vocals woven in and out of just as trippy disco jazzy beats on A Different Ship really flips my metaphorical switch. The best songs sound like their beats were ripped from my dad’s 1970s-heavy record collection, then dipped in a little bit of ethereal noise. This is the kind of band that I won’t spend much time listening to at home, but I can guarantee they put on one hell of a jammed out show.

The first five tracks are excellent and varied and I love them all in their own special ways, but the second half of the album I could take or leave. More psychedelia and disco, less toothless indie pop, please!

Although even on the songs I don’t love, Luke Temple’s voice is pretty fantastic. It’s folksy without being cutesy, which for some reason seems to be a rarity these days. It has just the right amount of rawness to it.

Anyways, I likes to keep it positive so let’s do that. “Make Up Your Mind” is the stand out track here. As usual, I’m partial to the danciest song on the album. It begins with a nice little Fleetwood Mac-sounding guitar riff and some almost-spoken vocals that quickly rocket us into the pleading chorus. “Make Up Your Mind” really gets going around the second verse with some weird electronic sounds, followed by a noise-y (in the musical sense) crescendo to end it.


I’ll end with this track, “I Believe In Action.” It starts with a kick drum that would be at home on a Daft Punk track, and then throws a super funky bass line on top of it. Down. The swirling vocals come in to ground the song and keep it from getting too predictable.


A Different Ship was produced by Radiohead’s main man and producer, Nigel Godrich, which makes perfect sense based on my limited knowledge of Radiohead. (I just don’t get the appeal, man. Please don’t try to convince me otherwise.) Anyways, it’s full of the kind of Lotus Flower-y grooves that I wish Radiohead would make more of. But who needs em, when Here We Go Magic has that covered. If you like Radiohead and/or 70’s things, A Different Ship will definitely be your bag, baby!

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