Hollywood Undead Make An Easy Listening Album


Hollywood Undead Make An Easy Listening Album.

I love (or should I say 'loved') Hollywood Undead. The whole dangerous, WTF, mish mash of hardsounds and styles with a sonic dose of anger and very twisted lyrics.

You know what's missing from this new album?  All of the above and more.  Most notably though it's the absence of 'Deuce' who wrote the majority of the songs on the debut Hollywood Undead 'Swan Songs' album.  Apparently, Deuce was kicked out of the band.  What did he do?  The word is what didn't he do?!

You see, with most bands...it's really about that one (or two) songwriters.  For instance: David Lee Roth & Eddie VH, Lennon/McCartney, Billy Joe Armstrong, Thom Yorke...you take one of those guys out of the equation and the band suddenly becomes unlistenable.

Hence what we got here with Deuce's departure.

Seriously you know that artist Secondhand Serenade?  Yuu know those big soppy songs like 'Fall For You' or 'Your Call?'  It sounds likethat dude joined Hollywood Undead for this record. I'm not kidding.

Just check out this song "Coming Back Down" from the new line up of Hollywood Undead.

Hollywood Undead "Coming Back Down"


And here's Secondhand Serenade's 'Your Call'


You know what?  I like Secondhand Serenade better...At least this guy is real!


But the new Hollywood Undead...This is like bad fake metal meets Daughtry from American Idol.  What a second...holy SHIT their new singer is from American Idol!!  WTF!! Are their fans 'buying it?'.Hell No!  Here are some great comments pulled off of youtube.


@MrToxicMilkshake  Danny sounds like a girl.

@hollywoodUNDEAD384 Dude, don't be a duchebag. He's expressing his feelings.

But on the other hand, there are lots of people that also seem to like the change. I'm not on that bus.


I was really looking forward to the next level ofHollywood Undead on this one...but we get less than where they started from with no redeaming songs with 2005 production value and a lot of apologizing to make up for this one.


Now I know why they were those masks...to hide their identity from their other rock star friends and cool kids who aren't posers.


My only hesitation in writing this review is that they might show upat my house and kick the shit out of me. But the upside would be they'd get arrested and not be able to make any new music for 5 years.


Just for old times sake, here's the classic Hollywood Undead 'No. 5' from 'Swan Songs'