Howler "America Give Up" Review...What NME Hype Sounds Like


Somewhere between a more "hardcore" The Drums (can I make a "pretend" genre, yo?... how about doom surf indie) is Howler.

For some reason NME Magazine has been getting the pages of their "indie bro" hype periodical all sticky with their Editor's jizz... over Howler, naming them the #3 Best New Band of 2011. Personally, I don't get it.  More like a #2.

Throw a stone at the recent 2012 SXSW Festival in SXSW and you will probably find a band just as crappy and overhyped (I turn my head to you, Alabama Shakes).

These Howler songs are a meandering bonfire on the beach gone bad. Oh, see that guy jumping into that bon fire? ...he just reached maximum Hype on Howler and ended it all. Be careful with Hype... it can be dangerous. 

So, put out any current bonfires. Now listen to the Howler's "least" 2 crappy songs, which will surely be forgotten about in... April. Sorry, Howler dudes. Just make better music next time (or quit).

Sure the dudes are 19 and is this impressive for some teenagers from Minnesota, sure. But beyond that... so what.

"Back Of Your Neck" (actually this 1 song is pretty acceptable)

"Black Lagoon" (here's a live video of them learning how to plug in guitars... hey where's the garage in this video?)

Now if you want to see a Horror classic... I recommend "The Howling." Werewolves rule (and there are some werewolf sex bonfires, just fyi... bonfires aren't just for surfers). 

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