Review: Icona Pop. C'mon...really, which would you rather do?


When it comes to Icona Pop, my first thought is...damn, I love these infectious pop goodies (that seem to also be somehow cool and guilt free). But my second thought is...which one of these Swedish bitches would I want to get naked with? So let's get this sorted first, because obviously it's way more important.  

But for some background...Icona Pop is Caroline Hjelt (the butterface redhead) and Aino Jawo (think a more boyish T Boz).  And now that i think of it, I suppose part of the guilt free listening to Icona Pop is that these girls are not picture perfect teeny bopper models. I mean, even NME has written up favorable stories on the power punk pop girlies.  

Like, be real...Would you listen to and adore these songs if Nicole Scherzzzinger was singing them? What about Selena Gomes?   You see...Probably not. The imperfect hotness of them makes them even more sexy. 

So let's start the commenting below. Guys or girls can comment. Who would you bang if you had a choice to do one or the other? 

Personally I get the hunch from watching the videos that Caroline (the red head) is a little more rock and roll and the wilder of the 2. She shakes like a Duracell battery (if you haven't seen the beginning to "We Got the World" then see below). Plus she's not as classically pretty so she might end up being a better lay...and who here doesn't want to find out if the drapes match the carpet, nome sane? 

And I won't even deduct points from the fact that Brit babe, Charli XCX probably still has her vocals on Icona Pop's "I Love It."  C'mon...Icona Pop is from come this is the only song on the album they have recorded with an English accent? Did the "featuring Charli XCX" come before or after people were like, "why these Swede chick singing with an English accent?"

But people forget this song was a hit...twice! 1st in 2012 for everyone "in the know" and then 2013 it went Top 10 in the U.S. for everyone and #1 in the UK.



Icona Pop - "I Love It"

So forget about Lady Gaga, who, judging from her failed single "Applause" is already over. Yes, move aside pop one wants your "pop art." 

My hunch is that Icona Pop is going to have the surprise best pop album of the year...that doesn't make you feel like you want to disinfect yourself after listening to it (that's a compliment...and in the case you're ever listening to Ke$ha...we always recommend Lysol). 

Now on the chance that you were able to get both Caroline and Aino in the sack at once...probably the only song you need to have on repeat is the anthem "Light Me Up" (a likely smash, which would take on a whole other context in this situation).



Icona Pop - "Light Me Up"

Or maybe you want to keep that other fantasy going that the two of them really are girlfriends (circa t.a.t.U. vibe). 



Icona Pop - "Girlfriend"

Either way...take any of the above. The suggestive ideas or just the music. It's pure pop and fun that I want to do "All Night."



Icona Pop - "All Night"

Bravo to the power duo of Icona us some awesome cool fun pop songs to sing to while also thinking about whose cooch would be more fun to play with.