IO Echo - Ministry of Love


IO Echo’s newest album, Ministry of Love, is an absolute demonstration on the complex conquest of space. This album’s breadth is expansive and encompassing. Pulling you in, pushing you out, contorting, controlling the air around you. The album feels like swimming in a warm bubble of awesomenes...thus we present to you our favorites on todays indie music review.

"When the Lillies Die" is your ticket to being cool. Or maybe I'm old and my taste has changed, but IO Echo's new one just gets me. It is unexpected. This sort of pop airy-weirdness coupled has me hooked these days. It’s also one of the weirder videos Ive seen in a while. But it's intriguing and trippy, and fucked up, and upbeat at the same time. And they know just how to keep you in a good mood…you know, with some Shanghai Girls…

Epic, epic sound and video, not necessarily upbeat, but definitely some kind of ethereal experience is being achieved here. There is something about the ability to harness and utilize the concept of space in a song. Artists tend to layer too much at times. Sometimes it's about letting sounds develop their own breadth. Maybe it's not about the first moment they hit but the way they linger. The way a note can still permeate minutes later.

"Eye Father" is a grandiose tribal-space-symphony that feels like it should be the score for a soundtrack. Maybe that’s because Ross (1/2 of Io Echo) has scored movies with his slightly famous brother Atticus Ross. Well, I’m glad some of that has rubbed off, because the production value allows this release to breathe easier than a lot of the other bands trying to do the same thing.

"Ministry of Love" is dark, romanticly-intense, and still remains energetic, regardless of all of the gothic 80’s vibes I find myself swimming in, which is fairly hard to do. We approve of IO Echo and this album. If you haven’t seen them, go do it, because they absolutely blew us out of the water at SXSW. And if you can’t get out to see them, well then go listen!