James Blake - Britain's Finest New Export


Review:  James Blake - James Blake

What are the most overused 3 words from the British?  Um, I think it's either 'Brilliant,' 'Bullocks' or 'Bloody.'  But when it comes to James Blake...I gotta say this is likely a 'Bloody Brilliant' album of the year.  Bullocks! 

Finally for 2011 someone has delivered a true solid album, a new sound and identity all that only James could deliver, brilliant songs, brilliant production...and just a fresh voice overall.

And sure maybe I'm a little late to the party with this review but since I'm in Los Angeles, we could only get our hands on the UK release like a month after the fact. (Thanks major record label licensing).

This is an album you can put on and LEAVE on, preferably with some chill out type of intoxicant.  

James Blake delivers the total goods across the boards...and also takes some risks with some productions especially on more of the low tempo / 3 a.m. / chill type songs that some might consider weird...but it's pure art more than anything. 

If there's only one thing that could have been better...is maybe more tempo songs...there are lots of songs on the low tempo vibe that run back to back but all in all...

My headphones never sounded so good.

Signature Songs for James Blake's entrance:

'Limit To Your Love'

'The Wilheim Scream'

Another Great Key songs from James Blake:

'I Never Learnt To Share' (Live from Presbyterian Church at SXSW)