Jamie Woon's Debut Album


Jamie Woon's debut album! Huzzah! I haven't heard of him until just recently, but if I lived in the UK, I'm sure I would have...he's had singles on the UK Charts even before this album (which is called "Mirrorwriting," in case I forgot to mention) came out, namely a version of the classic folk tune "Wayfaring Stranger."

The first single from this 14 track record is "Lady Luck," so it made sense to me that this would be the first song I check out. It was not quite what I expected, or what I hoped for really. I really liked the beat, it was simple, and did exactly what was required of it: showcase Jamie's voice. Jamie's falsetto, however, I did not feel it did what it was supposed to (see James Blake album for an album that definitively "does something").   "Mirrorwriting" while pleasureable was a little... blasé, and continued to be so throughout the album.

Each song evokes a feeling of loneliness and listlessness (to me anyways, maybe you guys will get something different. If you do, you're wrong...just kidding), and makes me think that it would be best listened to on headphones whilst walking through a light downpour, most notably "Night Air," "Gravity," and "Streets." Oh yeah and "Echoes"... hm. Yeah, so most of the songs have a very similar sort of mood, which is fine, if that's what you're going for. For me though, it got a little repetitious. And by a little, I mean sometimes I didn't realize the song changed.

All in all, not a bad album, especially since it's a first attempt. Now, what I would love to see from Mr. Woon is more of an effort to push his already fantastic voice into something truly amazing, something worthy of what R&B used to be back when people like Ray Charles dominated the genre. You know, back when R&B was actually good...


Lady Luck


Night Air


Wayfaring Stranger