Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me


Let's forget about music for a second. When is the Joanna Newsom Sex Tape coming out? (C'mon Sandberg we're waiting). That's what I really want to know. Maybe I'm the only one who immediately recognized 6 years ago, that Joanna Newsom is not just the 'James Joyce' of singer/songwriters, but is a major (capital 'V') vixen is not just one of the most amazing musician/singer/songwriter/poets of our time...but this little sexy sprite out of a Northern California forest. (OK, I'm done with the fantasy..on to the music).

Joanna's last album was a masterpiece and should have (in a fair world) gotten a Grammy for 'Best New Artist' or 'Best Album.' But of course it doesn't work that way. Do you think Joanna Newsom would bring Grammy Ratings? No, We need the Black Eyed Peas (who I'm sure were just bout shitting their pants having to go on after that amazing Pink performance). However, on this album...or should we say a Box Set of 3 EPs...I mean...the songs are really good but after releasing 20 songs over past 2 albums...Joey N, you gotta do something a little different here. And trust me sitting through 15 songs of Joanna's self accompanied harp's enchanting for 3 songs, but more than that, it is like reading James Joyce for 5 hours. You kinda get very numb and the words just start going by. Maybe that was the Idea with the 3 separate know, with the idea to listen to 1 EP in a sitting?...but of course, everyone is ripping these EPs into their IPods so I'm not sure that works.

What Joanna should have done is release each EP 1 at a time, build the excitement or keep the excitement going for a whole year, and guess what..yes! make the EPs actually different in style..maybe even some songs with *gasp* tempo! And then at the end do a totally special collector's edition for fans a deluxe $100 item of all 3 EPs plus bonus. And Yes, in that special package would be the Joanna Newsom Sex Tape! Just a thought, JN. It takes a month to fully digest a Joanna album...definitely recommended this album, but give it some time...lots and lots to digest here. Key Songs: 'Easy,' 'No Provenance' 'Baby Birch' 'On A Good Day,'