Return of Boom Bap?: Joey Bada$$ "Unorthodox (DJ Premier)"


Running with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller will open up a lot of doors for you.  For Brooklyn wunderkind Joey Bada$$  it led to a track with boom bap demigod DJ Premier.

"Unorthodox" (which is a 180 degrees description to the actual song) has been getting praised up and down the blogosphere the past few days, for reasons that (at least to me) aren't entirely clear.

Before I throw my two cents in, listen to the track below:

On some level I get it, nostalgia is the tits. But really this just seems like a mediocre track that's getting overhyped because of DJ Premier's presence. And because A$AP and his crew are all the rage these days.

There's nothing new or groundbreaking going on here (and that's probably underselling it). And really if you want to talk about a boom bap throwback, Earl Sweatshirt's "Chum" is superior to this track on every conceivable level. This beat is so simplistic that if you told me it was one of Premier's unpolished demos from the 90's I wouldn't question it for a second.

If you take away the names and the hype, all your left with is a track that makes you shrug your shoulders and say "That's okay I guess."

Before we go, can we discuss for a second the whole Mountain Dew record label thingy?

Mountain Dew record label

Is the music industry so broke that artists are now forced to this level of selling out just to scrape by? Is there a Code Red spinoff in the works?  Who is signing to the next Soda Records?  What affect, if any, does this have on Joey's street cred?  Is this an anomaly or a future trend? And is it just me, or are Drake and Snapple a match made in Heaven?

These are the questions I need answered.