"Audio Video Disco" aka There Is No Justice In The World


There is no Justice left in the world.  (pun intended)

Not after this album.  Much like the Childish Gambino miss, the new Justice album, was something I was fantasizing about (in an electro banging kind of way). Yet the French cream seems to have spoiled a little on their latest outing.

Yes it appears the age of French electro maybe in question.  Is Oizo, SebastiAn, Uffie (ex Pat), Breakbot and Busy P pissed?  Probably.

Justice has to unfortunately go in our Posers section. Why?  Because this is a Most Hyped Fail.  We got hyped on "Civilization" (great track), Audio Video Disco (the other best song on the album) and then got the other good song "Helix" along the way kinda sorta leaked to us.

What we're left with on the rest of the album are what sounds like cutting room floor scraps from their exceptional breakthrough debut "Cross."

You know what else is missing from this album?  Music! Take for instance Justice's songs "D.A.N.C.E." or "DVNO" from their album "Cross".... Its actual music, songs, killer bass lines, chord progressions and a level of musicality that has generally separated Justice from his French cohorts.  Unfortunately the new album "Album, Video, Disco" is a big set back for Justice... instead, "Cross" sounds like the follow up / natural evolution to "Audio, Video, Disco" instead of the other way around. 

If there's any good news it's that now the duo of Justice can "fit in" just like all the other French Fries.

Sadly there is no Justice left in the world... just 2 guys with only 2 good new songs.

Key songs


"Audio, Video Disco"