Kids Without Instruments - Teenage Indielectronica


Kids Without Instruments are none other than Marion and Frankie...2 teenagers from Long Beach making their own soup of indielectronica music. And holla back on this music review yo because they have their entire EP available for free on their facebook page.

We kinda came across them so randomly when Frankie was applying for a writing position we had open at BitCandy (for realz)...And then...low and behold a few emails later we found that Frankie had a music friend Marion and together they make up this great indie pop project, Kids Without Instruments.

And even more surprising was that one song after another was pretty fantastic indie electronic pop, especially for 2 kids barely 20.

Their six song EP, which was just released on iTunes, is somewhere between a more pop The xx meets a teenage version of an 8 bit Crystal Castles. On The xx side of things, one of our favs is "Nausea Nostalgia," which is a pretty amazing "projection video" directed by Nina McNeely from the WIFE project. Check it out here:

On the more Crystal Castles side, there's a lyric video for "Stardust" which the "kids" have suggested is about the Occupy Wall St movement, or simply how we all come from stardust.

There's a second EP in the works, we hear, and also that "Nausea Nostalgia" just got approved / accepted by MTVU.  Just remember, you heard it here first.

Check out the EP here!

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