Knife Party Review: Rage Valley


Ladies and gentlemen, what is going on? Uncle Flex here to bring you some brand new tunes from Knife Party. Rage Valley, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen’s second EP, is out on beatport now and is in no way a scenic drive.

Their first EP, 100% No Modern Talking, was a gangbang of electronic house, dubstep, and a whole lot of attitude; Rage Valley is no different. What sets Knife Party apart from other electronic artists is their ability to blend these styles without sounding like a gimmick. They can produce these electro bangers without coming off as cheesy or over the top frat house anthems.

Things get started with a literal bang with the title track “Rage Valley,” which acts like a melodic electro-house prologue to the EP. This piece goes all over the place with stylistic changes that highlight the versatility of Knife Party.

I hope this is the music that tarantulas and centipedes fight to. The second tune is “Centipede,” a heavy hitting dubstep track. I think this is probably the coolest track on the EP. I love the Nat Geo intro. Take it easy on the pills or you may feel like a poisonous bug is crawling all over you.

Knife Party- Centipede


As with their first EP, this one includes a full on reggae dub track. I hope that they used the same old Jamaican man as last time. This one features a couple of sweet breaks.

Knife Party - Bonfire



The Knife Party - Sleaze


This moombahton beat could be a new dancefloor anthem. With the mantra “until they kick us out, people move your feet,” this one grooves along but with that Knife Party spunk.

There it is, Knife Party’s new EP. While it sounds different from their first release, I say it’s on course as far as the general aesthetic of genre bending, crowd jumping EDM goes. While I would say it’s not quite as sweet in terms of earcandy as 100% No Modern Talking, it’s more complex and indicative of what’s to come from Knife Party. For now, I’m rating it at 8.0, though as I listen I think I will find more to love.

Download all of the tracks here


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