Lady Gaga's 1st Failed Single of 2013: "Applause"


Not is this only non inspiring…it's so super highly average of a song that...if i ate a can of alphabet soup, I could shit better lyrics.  Note to self…the word "applause" just does NOT sing very well…I mean it's about as appealing as singing "sauerkraut." Although sauerkraut tastes much better.

I mean, Lady Gaga is supposed to be the leader here. Lady Gaga is supposed to be SETTING the trend. Lady Gaga is supposed to be cool pop's tastemaker. That's what we want AND EXPECT from Lady Gaga.

But NOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOO (Said like John Belusi…OK is that too random of a reference? Fine … here's the appendix YouTube clip to get you up to date). 

Instead, what we get here is a C+ pop song that barely cuts the grade as an album track that couldn't even make it on a Demi Lovato album.  

Now…when this single bombs. The labels have this new thing where they say, "Oh…It was just a WARM UP TRACK!" Meaning, "oh…did you really think this was our REAL 1st single? (GAHAAHHA) Please wait while we start panicking."

Don't get me wrong. I WANT Lady Gaga to win. Her first songs out of the gate were inventive, pushing the boundaries…and quite simply were awesome pop songs.

But it seems that even Interscope Records, Gag's label itself, isn't' too interested in saying, "THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING SINGLE COMING FROM OUR LABEL," when they have Robin Thicke featured on their Soundcloud home page. Rightly so.  Blurred Lines" is AMAZING. As Mr. T would say...this new Lady G single is a chump!

blurred lines

And by the way...what's with the album cover here? It looks like a baboon's ass coming out of a vagina.

Lady Gaga in "Applause" says she "Lives for the Applause"…if so, she might want to pull up a park bench on this new album. This single ain't jack or shit...and jack left town.