Lady Gaga's Polarizing Album is "Born This Way"


Yes, she is indeed...certainly "Born This Way."  But Gaga hating here.  Not since Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys / NSync or Madonna have we experienced near level hysteria in pop music.  And as lover of GREAT pop, personally, I think that's a good thing.  

But one things for sure...Gaga, what is up with the album artwork?  That "motorcycle" mess of artwork is a definite WTF album cover.  Hmm...on the other hand, here I am writing about it so maybe you did your job.

But on to the music, on Lady Gaga's new album "Born This Way" there are as many fantastic high points as low ones.  And indeed with this album 15 songs deep, "Born This Way" is a good album example where less could have been more.

In other words...if this album was 9 or 10 songs would be a pop classic.  But there's a saying "where there's smash...there's trash" and in the case of this new Gaga's definitely applicable.  

And unlike Michael Jackson or Madonna...the songs on "Born This Way" tend to be a "one trick pony" in the same style, over the top presentation...except for "Americano" and "Scheibe" which are quirky and refreshing left turns, if even with the vocal energy is still on "10" which can be a bit full on at times.

Give credit to Lady Gaga to evangelizing her audience.  Yes, that's the word "evangelize."  It seems a Gaga concert is like going to "mega church" where her flock are not sheep (well maybe) but instead "Little Monsters."  She's created a tribe and different level of fandom.  I think history books will look back on Lady Gaga as a marketing genius, as she surely is.

And with the 1st week sales of this album reportedly over 1,000,000, (including crashing's servers), Lady Gaga's eating everyone's lunch (breakfast and dinner)...and you know what, she totally deserves it..."Born This Way" contains exceptional well crated pop smashes with credible artist who is pushing the boundaries of pop music (remember she DID change pop one was playing four on the floor dance / pop songs).  Bravo.  (Except next time ditch the "b" and "c" sides and you might have a pop classic album).

Our favorite songs: "Americano," "Government Hooker" "Hair" and of course the singles "Born This Way" and "Judas" Past those songs you have to wonder if Lady Gaga has run out of creative song juice...but I'm sure she still has juice, if you know what I mean...eww.

Our picks for next singles:

Lady Gaga "Government Hooker"


Lady Gaga "Americano"