Ladytron Gives Up and Gives In to Gravity


Did Ladytron intentionally set out to make an album this bad?  If so then I have to change the rating from the Poser Section to...(hit it Charlie!) Winning!  If those are their intentions then they have made a tremendous success with their new album "Gravity The Seducer" out September 13 on Nettwerk.  

I mean a songs like "White Elephant" that leads the 12 song set is nice enough...but ulitmately...who cares? 

Really though, there's not one glimmer of excitement, song or inventiveness here that made us fall in love with Ladytron from the beginning.  Has Ladytron given up?  This sounds like an album made quickly to satisfy some album obligation commitment.  Sorry but as far as commitments I can't commit to this. rate this album 1/2 point better than Lenny Kravitz "Black And White America" new debacle of a release.  

But no worries...this review isn't a total drag.  Let's relive Ladytron's totally exceptional and finer moments:

Ladytron "Seventeen"

Sing along to thee barely legal (or not) lyrics:

They only want you when you're seventeen / When you're twenty-one /You're no fun

They take a polaroid and let you go/ Say they'll let you know / So come on

We only want you when you're seventeen / When you're twenty-one/ You're no fun