2 new classics. 8 snoozers.


Sorry Leo, but that's kinda the deal, though we love you.

In today's Reviews On Music, I remember my sister sking why there was "so much excitment" about Leonard Cohen. She was like: "Who is this old fool?!"

Oh, only the coolest man on earth.  Yes, even more cool than that other "most interesting man in the world" Dos Equis guy.

So how's the album?

First of all this is the 1st Leonard Cohen album in about 8 years (since 2004's album "Dear Heather.")  Talk about anticipation... this guy's even got Sade beat. And that's saying alot! It's also Leonard Cohen's 12th studio album and the highest debut ever in his career in the United States (debuting at #3). Boo yah for you, Leo.

So naturally with the way, I'm prepared for something classic from good old Leonard who confesses even to us in the 1st lyric and the 1st song off the new album "Going Home."

I love to talk to Leonard
He's a sportsman and a shepherd
He a lazy bastard living in a suit.

Well the "lazy bastard" has been hard at work crafting at least 2 new song classics on the new album "Old Ideas."

"Going Home"

Unfortunately the new classics kinda stop there (with "Going Home" and "Show Me The Place") and the rest of the album is merely "competent plus" but still on the "HQ." (That's "high quality" for anyone keeping track).

Patrick Leonard (yes, Madonna's long term producer as well as Elton John's... if that isn't that just so ironic with their 2 pussy spats) is at the helm on production and does an excellent job. The production is minimal with Leonard's voice WAY out front in the mix. I mean uncomfortably beautiful out in the mix. Circa 1930s recording style where the vocal tends to be on a "10" and the rest of music on volume "2".

And that's part of the appeal of this recording: the capture of Leonard's excellent, purely aged wisdom silky voice coming through... just like he's in your living room (or inner ear).

As far as an album goes, I was hoping for more "tower of songs" like the two songs previously mentioned. But I'll gladly take what gets delivered on "Old Ideas." They surely beat anything Taio Cruz will do in his lifetime. Except to quit. That would be a start in the right direction for most of Today's Posers.

Check out another absolute new classic here from Leonard Cohen, "Show Me The Place."

The "dude" is not Lebowski.  It's Leonard Cohen. 

Oh and as a p.s., as your additional "awesome" of the day: Leonard Cohen "Everybody Knows" live from 2008.


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