Ritual Union


Honestly, I really don't know much about Little Dragon. I'm told they're from Sweden. I almost don't want to learn anything else because "Ritual Union" caught me by such surprise, I'd rather not ruin it with useless facts.

You've got this deliciously smooth woman's voice over minimal, eclectic dance beats. There's a real restraint that carries through the album's first few songs, including the title track and "Brush The Heat," like a simmering pot. You start asking yourself if this is how the whole album's going to go down, like some mellow, Zero 7 knockoff.

Oh no, listening to "Ritual Union" is more like bicycling through the hilly streets of San Francisco than driving through the plateau-ish valleys of the Midwest. Soon the swinging "Shuffle A Dream" drops with a more up-tempo bounce and the energy never really drops off, even when you're sure it's going to. After a very calm, almost silent 30 seconds into "Crystalfilm," you'll be thinking slow ballad but instead get a escalating beat and some hazy, Lykke Li-ish vocals.  Come to think of it, I think Lykke Li is from Sweden as well. Damn it! See what information does?

Anyways, "Ritual Union" is the kind of airy, summer pop album to throw on when you're feeling alright and want things to stay that way.  

"Ritual Union"

"Shuffle A Dream"