Sorry For Party Rocking


Whether you only occasionally venture into the Twitter-verse or whether your twitchy texting thumb regularly causes six-car pile-ups, you probably know LMFAO stands “laughed my fucking ass off." In the case of L.A.-based electro-hip-hop duo LMFAO, it just might stand for "Love Music For Ass-shaking Optimists." That’s the overriding vibe from "Party Rock Anthem," the first single from their forthcoming album, "Songs for Party Rocking."


Notice a theme here? Yes, these boys like to shake it / don’t break it. And although there’s a few more beats-per-minute than I find ideal (being more a house music guy myself), the damn thing is infectious as hell and DUM FUN in a good way.


The vocals sound a bit like Eiffel 65’s "Blue" but without the track suit and CGI video. LMFAO favors a less formal look of pimp glasses, faux fur (PETA supports, natch) and a nice afro. In case you haven’t heard, afro’s are the electro equivalent of beards in indie rock. Should the two ever meet, sell your Propecia stock and head for the hills. But I digress.


Even though LMFAO’s uncle-nephew duo of Redfoo and SkyBlu are the son and grandson of Motown founder Berry Gordy (seriously), they aren’t afraid to tilt at some classic windmills, throwing a slight dis into their lyrics about how they’re gonna rise to the top with "no Lennon or Zeppelin." In fact, LMFAO seem to already be well along on their plan for world domination, with a Party Rock clothing line and remixes for Fergie, Kanye West and Kate Perry. But as long as the rumps keep shakin’ and the fur stays faux, count me in.