LMFAO - Sorry for Buying This Album


The name of the album pretty much sums it up here.  

No doubt, the 2011 Song of Summer currently pounding it's way up the Billboard Hot 100, "Party Rock Anthem" is infectious.  And the video and live performances, especially for pop music...is really making me cheer.  Yes, at BitCandy, we love great pop music.  

I mean just check out their performance on Jay Leno.  I'm not saying they are Arcade Fire...but hey there's nothing wrong with having lots of fun on stage and crazy energy, which seems to be a rare treat.  Everyone's so SERIOUS these days. 

So, my expectations were high.  LMFAO's first album "Party Rock" I thought was THE party album of 2009-2010, and the current single and video is just a perfect great pop song, and no doubt one of the reasons why it's hitting #1 in every country.  If you haven't seen the video..check it out here. I love it.

And I suppose all these elements combined led me to have some pretty high expectations.  You see,.I was hoping that bar was "set" and we were only going to get treated to more infectious booty shaking escapades and the next level of "Party Rock Anthem" Yes, expectations were high...but then guess what, I heard the song "Hot Dog."

Keeping to anagrams I can only say WTF-OMFG.

"Hot Dog" might be the worst song of 2011.  I mean the concept is not bad.  You've been on the dance floor burning 1,000 calories...and you're hungry for a Hot Dog after the show aka "Street Meat."  And I'm pretty sure Redfoo is straight but there is like a weird sexual double entendre going on here...maybe even subconscious.  "I'm gonna get a hot dog after this club." (you figure it out).  Wow. 

LMFAO are smart guys, have done an AMAZING job branding themselves, totally own the 'animal print' pop star niche, and creating ala Gaga (but on a smaller scale) their own "party religion."  Yup, It's a niche they totally own (um, that would be "party rocking"), making original videos.  Let's not forget they are also son and step son of Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records (really I can't make this shit up!)...thus I was so expecting a much smarter record than "Sorry For Party Rocking."  Instead I'm "Sorry for Buying this Album" and "Sorry To Have to Write this Review"  

There are some bright spots on the album and I'd focus on "Champagne Showers" (the next single) and "Best Night" With "Put That Ass To Work" and "One Day" close runners up.  Other songs aren't even in the ball park.  Sorry.

Breaking news.  Apparently Kanye just flew Redfoo out to Paris to work on a secret project....and that "Champagne Showers" was an epiphany song for Kanye in some "party rocking" kind of way.  Hmm.

Long live LMFAO but LTTMABANT (that would be "Let's Try To Make A Better Album Next Time").  I'm still a fan but hoping for better next time.  "Sorry For Party Rocking" Hmm....Apology accepted.  

This time.