Machinedrum and Canal St. - Your Home for "Knock Offs"


Best Music Album 2011?  Hmm.  On August 2nd, Machinedrum will release their album "Room(S)."  I don't know what the concept for this (s) and adding the (s) on "Room" is all about but obviously the artist aka Travis Stewart thought it was important.    

I can imagine that conversation going on within Travis' skull.  "No, the album can NOT be called just "Rooms" "Shit, what are we going to do???"   "Ahhhhhh....I know what it needs.  It needs some additional characters only found ABOVE the number keys...yes...Shift + 9 and 0 ... It's like we're "shifting" above everyone's credibility with this cool (s) concept!!" "Let's go for Hype Machine and.let them know this cool idea."  "Oh but wait...this is sooo important....don't, never, never, never let anyone know our secret.  That we're truly Posers and just trying to knock off Flying Lotus"  "OK done deal."

But Oops...somehow the word and secret got out (at least to us) that Machinedrum are in fact truly Posers and thus arrived fairly large in our Poser section.

Listening to Machinedrum is like going down to Canal St. in Manhattan where you're looking to pick up some cheap fashion knock offs.  Sure the fake Louis Vuitton handbag feels "right" for the moment...but then the imitation leather starts falling apart and the cheap dye gets your hands all discolored, you try to run across the street to wash your hands and then BANG get hit be a crosstown bus.

That's kinda what listening to "Machinedrum" felt like to me. 

Don't worry though, it's simple enough to pass up the opportunity and instead go to Park Ave or Rodeo Blvd and get the real deal Flying Lotus, Bug, Burial, Radiohead and even Moby.

We're sharing the limited embed for a preview.  Maybe you will like it.  As for us...we know where to go where the "good stuff" is.