No Big Mac - Just Chicken Nuggets


Looking for lyrical protein?  Keep looking.  No Big Mac here.  More like Chicken Nuggets.  

That's right.  If you're wondering What Is The Best Music? Keep looking.  I mean as far as "songs" and exciting, long lasting, breakthough tracks...the new Mac Miller "Blue Slide Park" album is more of a fast food McDonalds album than a 12 course / track meal.  Thus, Mac Miller gets a "1.5" and (plop) lands in our Posers category.  I mean with a Billboard cover story this week paired with lame raps...what can you expect.


Mac Miller gets a '10' for DIY Internet Marketing and figuring out how to maximize the "new music business" and owning all his shit!  This guy is the story of the year in that category.  Ridiculous. 

Yes, Mac Miller owns...everything.  His masters, his publishing, his videos, etc.  And apparently he's the # 7 biggest artist in retail that is.  Jesus Christmas. Hot Topic...he's the # 7 biggest artist moving apparel.   

But where Mac clearly excels in "working the new online media," it's too bad Mac doesn't own more krazy mad flava rapping skillies, yo.  At least Childish Gambino has hot rhymes oozing and bursting with intelligence and edge.  (notice we didn't mention anything about Childish Gambino's songs and, he don't got em either...check our review on new Childish Gambino "Yello Fever" album here.).  

Now back to you.  Back to me. Back to Mac Miller. I'm on a horse. No I want to be ON THE HORSE (that's slang for heroine for all you kiddies) after listening through this album.

Now of course I'm a little ruff here on M2 aka MM aka Mac Miller aka Chicken Nugget...You see, I'm holding the bar here at a level of Kanye, Eminem, Drake, Kid Cudi, Jay Z.  You know what they all have (besides ridiculous rhymes and concepts)?  SONGS...HOOKS...HUGE CHORUSES.  Why should I listen to Mac Miller when I can listen to these guys...or Nicki Minaj?

Yes as much as we love our street cred...don't we want some amazing SONGS at the end of the day?!  You know what, the aforementioned KILL it in that category...they are all innovators.  That's where this album doesn't get liftoff...and sounds more like my neighbor trying to get the lawnmower started for 45 minutes (or is that the analogy i was going to use for Childish Gamino's vocal delivery?).  

Interscope Records should sign head their Internet Marketing Department.  

Best song (by far) is "Man In The Hat" (Indiana Jones...this ones for you).