The M Machine Gives You The Keys to The Industrial Electronic City


*Originally posted July 11, 2011 when the band was called "Metropolis," now they are "The M Machine."

Once every 5 years I come across an artist so good and ground reminds me that if you look hard enough...amazing music that will blow you away is being made every day...(even if it isn't being hyped to you  on Pitchfork as the next best thing).  

Ok so before I continue, let me jump in the "way back machine" and hit the button for about 10 years.  Ok I'm there now.

It was 2001, and I had just bought Daft Punk's "Discovery," I don't even think I had an Ipod at that point.  So I had the Daft's in my Discman CD player all set up for a virgin (no pun intended since the band is on Virgin Records) 1st listen on my evening jog (yes of course it was an anti skip discman haha).  Wow/Holy Shit!...this Daft Punk album was new, fresh, exciting, musical and hard at the same time, and yes...songs!...Thus, there were plenty of neighbors asking "Who the fuck is that jogger who's yelling out INCREDIBLE! every 5 minutes"  

Fast forward to today and the unsigned artist Metropolis of which thy awesome reviews speaks of.  

At BitCandy, we're giving this album a 10.  Simply because there will not be a better electronic album released in 2011 (in our opinion!).

Every song and track here is a winner....there's no fat and yes, I really mean real SONGS!  Just imagine where The Knife "Silent Shout" album has let off (or would have been on their next album) and you'll get a sonic idea of Metropolis.  Thus the sound is totally hard Industrial Electronic bangers like "Black," "Immigrants" (my favorite on the album), "The "M" Machine" or "Ascension" but then contrasted with female vocal laced proper song crafted electro pop like "Ghosts In The Machine," "Tiny Anthem" and "Promise Me A Rosegarden."

Actually, this our favorite new artist of 2011 so far, besides Givers, Watch The Throne and the new Chairlift out in 2012.  Hope it becomes a favorite of yours as well.   

And though it's tempting to post Mp3s on all these songs cuz i gots em, I want to respect the Metropolis (now known as The M Machine) mystery for the time being as the band figure out their label situations.  

* October 20th, 2011 update: Since our original review from July 11th, Skrillex has picked up a mini EP of The M Machine to release on his OWSLA records.  Look out for "Promise Me A Rose Garden" and "Glow" / 2 songs out now.  You can see the video preview for Glow here.

In the meantime here's a sampler of the album (and yes, I can watch the beginning to this first 8 seconds of the video again and again and again and...)

And I know the guys are very proud of their hand-built "M" stage piece! Also a nice clip of "Ghosts In The Machine" here. 

Some last bit of background...The M Machine comes out and is a remorphed version of the electronic artist Pance Party and also have the managers who look after Porter Robinson (another one of our pics for 2011 / 2012 and favorites).