MGMT - Congratulations (Congrats...... on what???)


5/4/2010 Revision (This album is better than I thought but took 5 listens. But still a far cry from debut. On 1st 3 listens below initial review).

It's true. And I really hate to say it. This album (so far and on 3 listens through) s-s-s-s-sucks!! (at least in comparison to what I was hoping for!)

What are/were they thinking? That MGMT fans are going to follow blindly follow the band down this path of jangly no melody, no song musical pasturellette of something...but ultimately nothing? I don't think so. MGMT's fans love MGMT because these guys wrote great melodies, great lyrics, great songs, had a great new sound, were credible and something we can believe in. But now...This to me is in the J.O. category. I'll let you guess what the J.O. stands for.

But the good news is that I, myself, am starting a band called ANAEE. It's what's missing from the 'The Management' And we'll have songs on our album..not just 'jangles.'

Wish it wasn't so this time around on 'Congratulations.'

Key songs 'Flash Delirium'...I guess. Maybe jury still out as i'm just streaming on the fabulous market evaporating MySpace So I might revise this review. What do u think?