MGMT Releases Worst Album of the Year.


For this MGMT review of "Late Night Tales," I realized someone needed to step up, go "on the record" and say how truly horrible this album is. And that person is going to be me.  

First of all, the cover of this album is horribly misleading.  This is not a new MGMT album but a compilation of their favorite songs and artists that have influenced them over the years (even though it doesn't say "Compilation" or "MGMT - Artist Influences" anywhere on the front cover!).  It's true.  MGMT has exceptionally bad taste.

But try this little experiment.  Load up this album atrocity on Spotify or Tunes or your player du jour.  Pick a song...any song.  Now imagine your 13 year old cousin said they just put together a band from scratch, just learned their instruments and bought some recording equipment, have practiced for 6 months and voila ... make some recordings.  You'd probably listen and go...yeah that sounds about right. Not bad for some 13 year old newbies. 

But now, let's back peddle 4-5 years ago with MGMT's album "Congratulations."  Imagine someone told you they had just heard some of the most infectious next level indie pop, great recordings, a new sound, I mean future indie pop "standards" for Christ's sake...and upon hearing THAT album you actually probably thought..."Yeah that's about right...this is great music."  

And here we are a million miles from that amazing 1st "Congratulations" album, and instead we have this other "fake MGMT album" that is really just a bad inexpensively licensed compilation album that they can glom off to their audience.

Furthermore, the upward trajectory of this band looks more like a chart of the stock market crash from 2008-2009.  What happened?  Did someone smoke too much (or not enough) weed?  A band member left?  They're playing a joke on us?  Hey, I can handle the truth...Is Banksy in MGMT!?!  Either way...

Making a "creddy" album by choice just doesn't have to be about being "cool to the point of whatever" or doing something "experimental" or "trippy" just for the sake of being "experimental" or "trippy" can do those things while still making great music and songs.  

This is the Worst Album of 2011.

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