MØ - Glass Reviewed


When listening to and then subsequently writing about the refreshingly unique tunes of Danish songstress (her full name is Karen Marie Ørsted), a tremendous amount of energy is spent blocking out all of the potential puns that can be derived from her stage name.  This is unfortunate, because her songwriting deserves much better than that.

And even if it didn't (although trust me, it does), you should really give her the benefit of the doubt for posting hand-written lyrics on her Tumblr. I mean, seriously, how great is that? (Both the penmanship and lyrics are excellent!)

Yet I digress.

Her latest single, "Glass," was released on Soundcloud by Sony Music Denmark. (Neon Gold handles her distribution in the US; in the UK Chess Club takes the reins.) "Glass" is a sensual number that manages to be ethereal and upbeat simultaneously.

Check it out below: 

I can't really be objective about this track, since I'm predisposed to like any song with a "hey hey hey" refrain in it. This loopy and hypnotic beat will get stuck in your head for hours, and in no way is that a bad thing. She sounds like a combination of Grimes and LDR, with her own Danish flair added for good measure.

I for one am anxiously looking forward to whatever she puts out next. Hopefully we'll get some MØ songs sooner rather than later.
(Fuck. I'm so sorry.)

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