Monarchy - TBD


While I only have an unreleased CD with no song titles I can only say that where MGMT missed on songs...Monarchy exceeds and conquers! On an almost Holy level! Maybe the main songwriter of MGMT left to join Monarchy secretly? The jury is still out on who really is in Monarchy but so far the leading word is ... to quote an advertising campaign...'Got Milke?' I think Monarchy does.

I just continue to feel that we are heading back into an 80s vibe of music. Not 80s meaning big synths, hairspray and pastel Miami Vice suits...but the way that in the 80s...we had bands who really wrote great amazing pop songs that stood the taste of time (admit it you still sing 'Heart Of Glass' by Blondie right?)...and these artists we could also believe in in a credible way, and that these band also PERFORMED live (awesomely) and not just a studio product. In other words is MIA, Ting Tings, MGMT (last album, not this one), Dan Black, Hurts, Cut Copy...and Monarchy (of course) the equivalent of 80s cool artists: Blondie, David Bowie (80s Bowie), Depeche Mode, The Cure...absolutely. And I LOVE it. More please!

Monarchy definitely delivering and can't wait til i can finally buy the album and find out what these songs titles are. The key songs i'm loving are (or have something that sounds like): 'Black Is The Colour Of My Heart,' 'The Phoenix Alive,' 'Gold In The Fire,' 'Maybe I'm Crazy,' and 'No God For Us'

Also please check out Monarchy mixes especially their superb remix of 'She Needs Me' by Fyfe Dangerfield here