Mother Falcon and The Return of Real Music


Do you believe in music?

Really. Its a serious question.  (Warning: Rant on Music forthcoming!)

Because today, when it comes to what gets hyped on the blogosphere...well, I'm gonna tell you the truth... it often ain't music.   I mean...if we were to time travel back, I don't know...say to the 70s...the musicality of today would be regarded as utterly laughable.   Oh, you wanna be a rock musicians in the 70s?  Good fucking luck!  If you're a guitar player you have to be as good as Jimi Hendrix, Lindsay Buckingham, Steve Howe, Gregg Allman, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen (late 70s)...the list goes. on.   That's where the "bar" was set in the past.  

What do we have today?   Today the bar is multitudes lower.  You can walk over it.   No you can trip over it!   Fuck, you don't even need to be a musician today!!   Anyone can do it!   You can just literally "draw" the notes on a computer screen.   That's you have to be merely as good of a musician as oh, I don't know Julian Cassavetes...or not a musician at all.  OK, I'm not saying Julian sucks as a musician...but Matthew Bellamy from Muse, is clearly another story. 

Anyway, my point is that today's lack of raw, real musicality results in lackluster and mostly un exciting long lasting songs.  We get common chords, common short...commonness, and enough hype and a sound to sell 20,000 copies. (hate to break it to you kiddies, that's the glass ceiling of indie). 

And Oh, don't tell me that you don't really need to be a good musician to make good music.  Sure we have every year a couple good "bros in bedrooms," songs like the band Girls from San Fran, or MGMT come to mind as being capable musicians (kinda).  But how rare is today that we come across a new: Prince, Muse, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Eddie Van Halen, Phish, Sting, Steely Dan...these people are monsters.  How about pretty much never?!

Enter Mother Falcon.

Check out or favorites from Mother Falcon here in a set.

Serious musicians, awesome songwriters.   Now I'm not saying Mother Falcon are the next icons of the decade...but maybe they are?!  One things for sure, Mother Falcon are in a category on their own...and yes, they can fucking rip.   Not only are Mother Falcon crazy WTF musicians (the oldest members not older than 21)...but Mother Falcon is niching out their own genre of music in what I would call "symphonic alternative folk.".

Yes I'm saying it. This band has some glimmers of early Arcade Fire meets Sufjan Stevens, but more musical.  Oh and how many people are in the band...only 18 (well +/- 1 or 2 people), with the core members being Claire Puckett, Nick Gregg, Tamir Khalifa and Isaac Winburne.

Mother Falcon's 1st full length album "Alhambra" is out around March-ish and will be self released via Rampart-Arts.  Based in Austin, Mother Falcon is causing quite a stir locally and recently nominated for many awards such as:   "Best None Of The Above" for 2 years running at the Austin Music Awards as well as being nominated for "Best New Ensemble." 

I could go on but i've said enough... bottom line...this album...the artist...great.

A band like Mother Falcon gives me hope there is still a chance for music.  No, NOT the new indie definition of "music"...aka someone who knows 4 (even God forbid 5) chords that you would see at Grasslands in Williamsburg/Brooklyn...and think to yourself "ahh, that band is so freaking esoteric that it MUST be "music!"  NOPE....That's not really music.  

How about pieces of music and musical compositions that require real skill, real practice and real genius.

Oh no, we can't to that.  That's HARD!   


Mother Falcon "Pennies" check out the solos here.


Mother Falcon "Alligator Tears" is also a big favorite.  


Bottom Line....if you're at SXSW Music Festival 2012 this March in Austin...make sure you check Mother Falcon.   And get your hands on this album.  It's the best new artist and best piece of work we've heard in the last 6 months.  

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