"Sprit Indestructible" Review: Nelly Furtado Implodes


You say Fur-tod-oh and I say Fur-tay-doh...Let's call the whole thing off.   Exactly.  Well you have to be like 80 something years old when that song was a hit.  But no matter...what matters here is it's over for Nelly Furtado.  That's right...spoken just like Colonel Troutman...It's Over Johnny...It's OVER!  

Do you know who it's also over for?  Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, who produced the majority of this monstrosity.   It's over Rodney...It's OVER!!!   You know who isn't over here?  Or at least yet?   Timbaland.   Timbaland where are you, man!?  Come out of the gym...stop pumping that iron and pump something into Nelly Furtado.  

Even the rappers here from Ace Primo and NAS are weaker than Justin Bieber's biceps. And who the fuck is Ace Primo?  

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Anyway...look, I found a couple comments from Nelly online about her experience working on the album (slightly modified):

"I feel like a child in a playground, uninhibited and happy......and having no regard for any sense of quality."

Also commenting on her track "Spirit Indestructible"  it's a song about the "ode to the spirit which resides in all of us and triumphs over anything......except horrible pop music, which I have in abundance."

Doubt me, baby?  Check out "Parking Lot" ... simply a song that sounds so AWESOME for an (allegedly) 33 year old woman to sing.  Selena Gomez...where are you?

Maybe Madonna & Nelly Furtado should start a girl group.   We can call them X-Pired or something like that.   

I also understand there is a "Deluxe" version of this album The Spirit Indescructible to get even MORE crap.  You know what's desctructible...Nelly's career.   (watch how the numbers come in on this album).  

Oh Nelly...you started out with a classic "I'm Like A Bird" and ended up with seagull shit. 

So at least you, the reader can read this and avoid getting dumped on (unless you like that kind of thing...then get this album).  

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