Never Shout Never - What Is Love? (can you hear me .... 'NEVER!!!!')


Dude I just broke your cardinal rule 'NEVER!!'...cuz I'd much rather be watching Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again. At least that was entertaining. What we got here is a result of a nice MySpace story (Eek Adder anyone? That's right I'm giving away the secrets. For $49.95 you can buy a 'bot' program that will just keep adding friends to your MySpace profile all day). Don't get me wrong..I had hope for Chrisofer Ingle . But now after hearing the new EP/Album...this guy needs to grow a pair of balls. Not sure...but with lyrics like 'Everything you do is Super Duper Cute.' You have to wonder. No real guy would say that. Giving zero here because zero songs got rated on the Ipod...and I wanted to. I wanted to think there was a new artist on the scene writing some great songs...but...mmm your band name is your Achilles Heel. Sorry...