Little Broken Hearts


Remember this day. Norah Jones’s release of her new 2012 album, Little Broken Hearts, is going to be the day she takes her rightful place in the hearts of lady hipsters nationwide. This Danger Mouse-produced album is going to give indie songstresses like Lykke Li and Ellie Goulding a run for their money. Now, I’ve been a fan since my 14 year old emo self fell in love with the distinctive voice that she showcased on her first album. You might remember Come Away With Me; it won like 5 Grammy awards.

On Little Broken Hearts, Jones deftly uses Danger Mouse’s excellent production to her advantage. Who would have thought this pairing would work out so well? It’s a pretty radical departure from her earlier work, which mostly existed as a folksy, jazzy showcase for her amazing vocals. But somehow, Danger Mouse’s oddly upbeat grooves take her heart-breaking lyrics to the next level, and complement her voice perfectly all at the same time.

It is a break-up album, as Jones readily admits. But it’s never sad. She is at turns angry, accepting, nostalgic, and vengeful. The overall feel of the album as an ode to a failed relationship reminds me of Led Zeppelin I, which should be everyone’s go-to break up album. Now I have another one! I just need to get a boyfriend, and then get him to dump me, so I can listen to Little Broken Hearts for the full effect. Any takers? Kidding.

The first single is “Happy Pills.” The bouncing guitar chords sound almost like they belong on the Black Keys album Danger Mouse just produced. 


My other fave song, and the one that I would pick as the next single, is “Say Goodbye.” Choice lyrics: “Well, it ain't easy to stay in love, if you can't tell lies.” We’ve all been there, amiright?


On her new 2012 album, Little Broken Hearts, Norah Jones finally loosened up a bit and started making music for the kids. She’s toned down the folk, and turned up the hip. And I’m digging it. It’s hard not to, with a voice like that. 

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