Nosaj Thing - Drift


I forget how i found about Nosaj Thing. But I want to remember so I can thank them. Maybe XLR8TR? Thanks XLR8TR. :) Or maybe via the latest Mary Anne Hobbs new compilation (recommended). Thanks Mary Anne. Los Angeles based Nosaj Thing is definitely for fans of Flying Lotus (or should I say for fans of Nosaj Thing you might like Flying Lotus?), either way Nosaj Thing will be a great compliment to your vibey Los Angeles or rural 3am mornings (I am from the farmland and even farmers can get vibey), if you are in a big city or not just turn the lights down at 1, 2, 3 am and put on this music. 'IOIO' as a song is maybe 'THE' urban chill out track of 2009?!...definitely Top 3 (yes i think that IS a ping pong ball on the track for percussion!) 'Lights,' 'Fog,' 'Coat of Arms' are also key songs. By the way, I know I am covering a little more chill out music than normal...I'm not really a 'chill out' person but quite simply...artists like Nosaj Thing, Ben Frost, GAS, and others have really delivered great pieces for 2009...more than i can say for a lotz of da soupair hipzster 'in' in-dee bandzzz.