Passion Pit? Yeah...More like Music Pit


Passion Pit? Yeah...More like Music Pit.

On Passion Pit's new album "Gossamer" they prove worthy of having "Pit" in their band name.  

In other words the band falls into the category of indie pop releases this year that could have been easily called "12 songs, 3 Worth Hearing."  

So today on our Reviews on Music we're going to take a look at this album.  It's not that its' bad.  That's not the point.  It's good plus.  And no one cares about good or very good or good plus.  Well I don't.  Do you?  I mean...Can't someone give me extraordinary?  

Basically on this album you have 3 songs worth talking about.  "Take A Walk," which is absolutely brilliant and is the proverbial pretty girl crossing her legs to start getting you all sweaty and nervous.  Yeah, I want that!!   But the under the dress you might find some "extras" you're not so happy about.  Make no mistake "Take A Walk" is a great song and obviously the 1st single choice here.

Passion Pit - Take A Walk


Now on to Track #2 (surprise, the 2nd best song on the album) with "I'll Be Alright."  Totally solid...

Passion Pit - I'll Be Alright

And that's basically about all she (or the members of Passion Pit) wrote.  Except the other bookmark to the album called "Where We Belong"...which is pretty good.  

But in between these songs...yes, much like the compressed air in one of those dust cleaner canisters...there's pretty much filler...not much you can taste but maybe there's that lingering smell. 

But don't take my word for it (though you really should)...check out the album here for Free on the Spotify. 

What do you think?  

Are we assholes?  

Or is this album the tits?!  

Who else are you dissapointed with this you...releasing a hyped album this year with just 2 good songs?  Please call them (or us) out below!