Paul Oakenfold Makes Awesome Compilation...for 1996


Wha?  You mean we needed a Volume 2 of this stuff?  This compilation of the "latest and greatest" club bangers is exceptional...for 1996.  

Paul Oakenfold or "Oakie" as his faithful attendees used to call him ... was at one point the top man in the DJ game.  If you're 15-24 and reading this article you're probably like...Paul Who?   But make no doubt...there was a time he crushed it...and I was often witness to the excellent electro DJ ability of Sir Paul.  

But you know what happens...sometimes people get lazy...they get rich...other things happen...ultimately the "edge" is lost.   

And that's what's happened here.   

What's a good analogy.  Hmm...It's kinda like going to a well known (but getting tired) really nice restaurant but feeling mal nourished, you go outside in the alley and find the greasy kids in the food trucks dishing it up and that's where it's really at.   Sorry P.O. (no pun intended) but you can't compete here anymore with the likes of Porter Robinson, Skrillex, Dada Life, Tiesto and Deadmau5.   

But on the flip side I have to share my favorite Paul Oakenfold story.  Which is a bit of a rockstar move.   It was some Winter Music Conference in Miami (2002, 2003?) and the word on the street was the Puff Daddy had "discovered" electronic music and making a Puff Daddy Electro Album.  Just what we need right?  So Paul's spining some night like at Shore Club or Space, I forget where...and Puff Daddy's entourage comes in with like 15 people.  

...They all make their way to the DJ booth.   And by the time they got there ... well sure...the whole club knew Puffy was in the house.  Puffy gets in the booth...hands Paul a CD.  Yes!  It's the new Puff Daddy electro track he's just finished...and Puffy is giving Paul the privilege of the 1st spin first (or so I recall).   Paul loads in the CD...starts mixing it in to the set...then...1 minute after the song is playing...Paul stops the ENTIRE CD (he doesn't mix "out" of the song)...there's dead silence.  Everyone's looking at the booth to see what's up...only to witness Paul hand back Puffy his CD while mildly shaking his head left to right.   

Awesome.  That's the story I heard at least.  

But getting back to this compilation.  That's story I told you is exactly what I'm doing with this compilation.  Shaking my head...and in 2012 ejecting the Spotify playlist. 

How far we've all come.  Or not. 

And by the way...I'm not featuring any tracks off this compilation...they were all pretty tired.  But I do love going back to this Puff Daddy track he made with DJ Hell back in the day...all talking about letting the music joints "simmer."  I'm with you PD.   I do think Puffy's got a point here...everything seems a little bit too much about the drop rather than "finding religion." 

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