Peter, Bjorn & John Write 1 Good Song


Review:  Peter, Bjorn & John - Gimme Some.

Peter, Bjorn & John write 1 good song.  And it takes 3 of them to do it on their new album 'Gimme Some.'

And during this limped music experience...their album title is exactly what I was thinking ... 'gimme some.'  Gimme some here Swedees!  This album has 11 song on it and 10 of them are junk...In fact if PB+J was a new artist, and this was their first'd have to even wonder if they would get signed? Ouch.  Sorry to be harsh but...c'mon, you guys can do better.

So if you want to cut the chase...just download their cut 'Second Chance.' Much like their previous signature songs like 'Young Folks'(you know, they whistle song)...on their single 'Second Chance' they opt out for lyrics and go again for the 'ohh ohh oh ohhh' type hook.  Sure it's a solid tune, a great chorus with no lyrics.  Maybe that's their best niche...staying away from the lyric writing.  

But 'Second Chance' is a great song and worthy of your Itunes collection.  Though that's exactly what they'll need after this album.

As far as PB & J go...i'd rather opt for the Peanut Butter & Jelly.  Much tastier.  But instead with this album 'Gimme Some' you kinda get a 'Shit Sandwich' (let me know if you get the movie reference).

Key Track: 'Second Chance'