Portugal. The Man - Enjoying Messes


Yesterday on July 11th, Portugal. The Man pre released their new album "In The Mountain In The Cloud" for streaming (here's the link http://bit.ly/nsY58M)...so you can strategically get your panties in a bunch or cream your pants (or not) and buy the album next week (...or not).  And I think after I clean myself up...I will probably be buying.  

Speaking of messes that's exactly what frontman John Gourley experienced upon making this new album:

“It was honestly a mess, it was just a total mess,” Gourley explains. “The band wasn’t communicating and I wasn’t expecting that to come right away. But we were just in and out of the studio, whoever was working, we’d work for hours but it was just pretty much one person at a time and we weren’t really talking about it. It wasn’t because we hated each other or anything, it’s just we hang out everyday. It just got to that point where we needed some space.”

Fortunately Portugal The Man got their shit together and made this "pretty good +" to "really good" album.  I mean it's "pretty good +" and "really good.'  Somewhere in between, qualifying it as "more than acceptable" by 2011 standards.

The 1st half of the album is actually a bit of a snooze but the song crafting goes way up on the last half / 'B' side.  So if you have this on vinyl, Side A would be to [ background like on a rainy afternoon, if you are doing your taxes, cleaning your stove or organizing your stamp collection.  Yeah...like nice background music.  But then...Side B is when you want to actually sing along to a song.  And actually (whoa) some anthems here on this album like "Once Was One."

But is this album "essential"...that's the question.   I think for 2011 this album will definitely be making it to many top lists.  And because I like to sort my stamp collection...AND sing songs...I actually bought both sides of the vinyl (that was a joke). 

A perennial chart topper on the college charts throughout the last number of years...it won't be any surprise for this new album to accomplish and exceed similar results and indie pleasures, make many Top 10 lists for 2011, yada yada.   
And you have to hand it to the band for being prolific...this is their 7th album (not including 5 EPs). 

Key tracks 

"You Carried Us" 

"All Your Light (Times Like These)"

"Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs)"

"Once Was One"