Review: Postiljonen - Skyer


Back when I lived in New York it was so easy to relapse into a cold, shivering winter and look for solace in knowing that only places like Antarctica and Sancadanvia were darker and colder than I was. Usually, I would look to those traditionally cold places for sounds that could capture emotion with the season...that's kind of how I got into Bjork, but on the flip-side of that, what you don't know, is that there are beaches there, yup, beaches with sunny shores, bikini-klad-bitches, and wine-coolers for days...Throw on your white linen beach pants, button down and your thickest pair of shades, cuz we're flying to dreamy-dream land babyyy.

Skyer from Scandinavians Postiljonen is packed with sunny day jams and sky-high-happiness...It also has an absurd amount of actual videos related to the album. I dunno, there's like 5+ ...which is pretty cool if you ask me, and instead of reading I'll let your eyes and ears do the learning today:












We Raise Our Hearts

Smile, Have fun and be happy, just don't look too hard into the sun, that shit can blind you instantly, especially if you're this guy:

looks on the bright side goes blind

If this album doesn't transport you to the beach, it most certainly should at least get you high up in the sky somehow, be even floating amongst the clouds? how about just hoovering over your bed? No? Ok wow, well you can just sit there and be boring then...

:-) or you can stick around for a little while and hang with us. We don't bite. My sister is not Kristen Stewart, I promise, and I have no vampire relations in my background. I'm gonna vouch for the rest of the staff and say I think everyone else is human too, but there may be some vamps out keep ya head on a swivel!

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