Review: P.S. I Love You - Death Dreams


Oh, Canada... we like to bag on you because you say "aboot" instead of "about" and your cops get around on mooses, but you've really done a lot for us when it comes to indie rock. You've given us Metric, Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade... and P.S. I Love You, whose 2012 album, Death Dreams is out this week on Paper Bag Records.

You may remember P.S. I Love You from their effervescent 2010 single "Facelove," or their unlikely Diamond Rings collab, "Leftovers," from a couple years back. Now, the Ontarian garage/noise-pop duo, which consists of Paul Saulnier on voqs, guitar and bass, and Benjamin Nelson on drums, has released another bitchin' album which you can equally mosh to at a show and feel depressed to lying on the floor at home.

Check them out here performing one of the new album's highlights, "Don't Go."


Of course, with Saulnier's heavy use of the distortion pedal and shrieky, mostly unintelligible vocals, P.S. I Love You doesn't really sound much like any of the above-mentioned mainstream Canadian indie rockers; P.S. is not trying to be the next Arcade Fire. Yet fans of a rawer garage-pop sound such as that of Sonic Youth or Yo La Tengo will appreciate their brand of energetic, unrefined, reverb-saturated, introvert rock with a pop sensibility -- especially if you're getting over a heinous breakup or something.

As its name suggests, Death Dreams isn't all rainbows and baby kitties. The album's songs were inspired by Saulnier's existential nightmares he experienced while touring the band's acclaimed first album, Meet Me at Muster Station. The lyrics on Death Dreams range from suicidal ("I wish this summer was my last summer" on "Future Dontcare") to bitter ("All that I wanted is more than I ever had" on "Don't Go") to, occasionally, playful ("I don't wanna do the dishes/You don't wanna do the dishes" on "Sentimental Dishes"). But beneath all the distortion and painful self-revelations, you can usually make out some melodic chord sequences, catchy refrains, and euphoric, if a little unhinged, guitar solos.

Listen to/download two killer tracks from the album (from P.S. I Love You's website; these guys have made the awesomely generous move to give away these songs for free): "Sentimental Dishes" and "Princess Towers."



Other highlights of the album include the rapturous guitar solo on "Red Quarter," the desperate and dissonant "Don't Go" and the wistful, verging-on-sentimental "First Contact." Really, though, the entire album is pretty fucking superb. Stream "Death Dreams" in its entirety here, via Paste Magazine.

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