Raleigh Ritchie - The Middle Child


"When the underdogs rise again, I'll have my time..." Aight, I'll listen up. My ears were hurting today too, but this smooth mothha fuuuu just performed a non-invasive wax removal surgery via Tunage without that gross burning candle looking thing. Luckily, neither Raleigh Ritchie or his The Middle Child EP is here to be a surgeon. However, while he may not know how to actually perform any real surgical procedures, I'm sure his voice will comfort any sickness you may have at the moment.

Ok. Usually I don't get caught in these traps. This is the type of song my girlfriends' are tweeting and facebook and insta-ing or whatever social media platform they use. "OH MY GAWDDD..RITCHIEE!!!" They're all in too deep....but shit now I have found myself here as well. There are a lot of varying instrumentals; from slow rolling R&B beats to glimmery Hall & Oates type retro shimmers, you probably never got the feeling that you were only listening to one song. i had to check several times to see if it was even the same song.

His accent is smooth and I love it. Isn't it amazing how much an accent can dramatically change a vocalist's delivery? Can you imagine the type of estrogen-laden madness that would be occurring if other hot R&B artists had a sexy tight accent...Drake? Frankie Ocean? Biggie? Ok so Biggie shouldnt be in there, but it would be absolutely the most whackness to hear B.I.G. with an accent? NO? KICK IN THE DOOR WAVIN THE .44....ALL WE HEAR IS ROYAL BABY TALK. SHIT NO MORE!

But back to the accent thing. Yup, he's got one and you'll find it sexy. I promise, but just save these tunes for your own bedroom. I don't need you sopping up my sheets over here. Go home, light some candles, get a bath ready and freak yo self somethin' foooinnneee, cuz baby we gettttinn' itt innnnnnn!! Hold up a hott damn minute.. I'm not getting it in? Wait, you're hooking up with Ritchie Raleigh now? See how quickly things can change when Ritche's around?? Boiiiiii....ya best watch ya girlies, or they're all going to trip and fall off the face of the Earth, and onto the slik bed sheets of the next hottest Columbia UK artist, Raleigh Ritchie.