Real Estate (Self Titled) -- Rated 'J' for Jangles


To me music and songs are vessels for emotion. Which brings me to 'Real Estate.' I read about this band in several hipster places on line, checked out the MySpace files...I didn't get it. Hmm. Read some other RAVE-O-TASTIC review about them. Awww well, OK...I guess what they say about impressions is right. So after the 3rd impression, I better get this because I must be out of the loop...I bought the album (I buy all the music for BitCandy on CD by the way to get the best 1441 Kbps file quality). So I pop it in...maybe it's an 'album piece.' And....(drum roll)....I still am like ... what am i missing here?! Unless...UNLESS of course you are looking for JANGLES. Then this is THE band for you. Just lke NIN is a vessel for pure emotive angst, Pendulum might be the vessel for energy, Leonard Cohen might be the vessel for tortured love...Real Estate is the vessel for...yes...JANGLES! If the Real Estate album was a cookie could reach right in and urself one of them der Jangles. Jangles 'R Us! Another band Drums you might have some more fun with if you are looking for this vibe? Key Songs .. None! but PLENTY of Jangle.