RJD2 - The Colossus (Wow...George Lucas is Pissed)


I'm commiting blogocide. Everyone can hate me but you know what...this is not a good album. I don't care how much street cred RJD2 has. I'd rather listen to R2D2 (yes R 2 D 2). Look...there are 2 good songs here...only. 1 awesome one. Just download 'Let There Be Horns.' This is Fantastic. Could listen again and again. But then ... what? Listen...the rest sounds like someone took some East West or Big Fish Sample CD Beats and put together some half ass uninspired tracks and songs 'Walk With Me' is also pretty good. But dude...dude! How can you give us 'Let There Be Horns' and then 13 other tracks of mediocrity? So piss off for being mediocre...I mean if you can deliver 'Let There Be Horns'...why be only 10% brilliant and deliver just this? I don't get it I just heard C3PO's nonchalant, regal English accent say 'Oh Dear'